Jacks on Doe Mountain
  • Are you looking for an intuitive artist who can translate your ideas into uniquely beautiful design?

  • Do you want to work with a seasoned professional who is organized, efficient, timely, and responsive?

  • Are you interested in collaborating with someone who listens, laughs, and speaks design in a language that makes sense?

  • Are you ready to hire a designer who can make things gorgeous in print or web, AND has the technical chops you need to customize your website, trouble-shoot bugs, tweak code, and develop a bad-ass, utterly functional online presence for you?


I've been the Art Director of two organizations, and have completed dozens of print projects as a freelancer, as well as designing and developing websites in Wordpress, Drupal, Squarespace, and Weebly. I have an interdisciplinary mind full of creative solutions to communications puzzles, and the project management skills to keep everyone on task. I am also a Photoshop wizard and a font nerd who geeks out on color and composition, and loves to make surprisingly beautiful things for my clients.


Services I Offer:

  • Branding: Logos, identity design
  • Customized Websites in Wordpress & Squarespace - find out more about my webdesign packages.
  • Ads for print & social media
  • Promotional Materials: Business Cards, Postcards/Flyers, Posters, Brochures, CD/DVD design, Stickers, Letterhead
  • Book/Magazine Covers
  • Interior Book Design & Magazine Layout
  • Custom Lettering & Typography
  • Custom Illustration - Images in ink, watercolor, gouache, or pastels, finished up in Photoshop and ready for print or web.

Praise for Jacks

It’s extremely difficult to find a graphic designer who creates from the heart, who renders with a sense of warmth and individual presence. Jacks created a business card for me that represents a direct visual communication of my services as a Healer. The card catches the eye without “selling” me as a product. It’s exactly what I wanted.
— Sue Autrand, Shadowhands
We worked long distance, which can be a real challenge for some folks. But she might as well have been right next door. She was fast, flexible, efficient, creative and easy to work with. She highlighted my copy in a way that was innovative, unexpected and very compelling.
— Simha, Copywriter