A Brief Bio

A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and a veteran creative, I bring fine-art sensibilities and exceptional organizational capacities to my work in design and illustration. Since 2004, I have worked as a freelance web and print designer for small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and artists. I have also served as Art Director at Turning Wheel Media and The Icarus Project, two grassroots organizations devoted to social justice and alternative media.  I have been in love with words and images since I was a small child, and discovered the joys of mixing the two when I got my hands on my first copy of Printshop Deluxe in 1994. Now Photoshop and Wordpress are my magic tools.

A lifelong painter and poet,  my work has been exhibited across the US and Canada, most recently at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, NM, in Vancouver, Canada as part of the Mad Cartographies exhibition at Gallery Gachet, and as part of a 10 year retrospective at Modern Times in San Francisco. My paintings engage in world-building and intricate abstraction of natural forms, emerging from a poetics more akin to image-search than autobiography. Visit my artist portfolio site to find out more.

When I'm not creating visual art, I am also a somatic counselor, educator, and activist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love to geek out on plants, cook in the crock-pot, hike through the desert, hang out with my sweetheart, perform poetry, cause trouble, and savor the mountains. You can find out more about my somatics practice and consulting work on the Red Roots Healing Arts website.